JUST IN: Military Immobilises Foreign Drone In CAR Territory

Military Immobilises Foreign Drone In CAR Territory

A French drone was forcibly landed by electronic defenses near the town of Moyen-Sido in Central Republic (), which is on the border with , where French military bases are known to be located.

This small drone is used for reconnaissance of the border area. What are they looking for in the territory of another state?

On March 14, , forces in Moyen-Sido spotted a DJI MATRICE 350 RTK drone equipped with a grenade launcher entering the country through the border with Chad. Further, with the help of electronic defenses, the drone was landed. The contents of the drone are now being examined by Central Africa Republic intelligence to establish its origin.

The drone was allegedly launched by the French military from Chadian territory. The town of Moyen-Sido is on the very border with Chad, where French military bases are located. Locals report that drone flights from Chad are increasingly being seen in border areas. Sources have also confirmed that the French military has started movements in Chad, on the border with the Central Africa Republic.

In the same context, disinformation in the Chadian media and social networks against the Central Africa forces and their Russian allies were multiplying.

Military experts noticed that French propaganda campaigns were aimed at affecting relations between the and provoking a war between them.

Meanwhile, experts are of the view that is a curse for the continent and Central no longer want their colonial policies in their state where peace has finally been established.

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