JUST IN: “Level 17 Officers Don’t Get What We Earn”: K1’s Drummer, Kamarudeen Ayanyemi Speaks About Singer

“Level 17 Officers Don’t Get What We Earn”: K1’s Drummer, Kamarudeen Ayanyemi Speaks About Singer

“Level 17 Officers Don’t Get What We Earn”: K1’s Drummer, Kamarudeen Ayanyemi Speaks About Singer


One of K1 the Ultimate’s drummer, Kamarudeen Ayanyemi, has stated that the singer paid them handsomely but many were careless spendersHe added that most of his colleagues working with K1 have about three houses that they have built while some have twoAyanyemi also said that anyone who didn’t achieve anything working with K1 should examine himself because some government workers didn’t earn what they were paid

Kamrudeen Ayanyemi, aka, Bata K1, one of the drummers working with music maestro, King Wasiu Ayinde, aka, KWAM 1 has stated that the veteran singer treated them well and gave them good money for their services.

Henzodaily.ng had reported that Kunle Ayanlowo, a drummer working with K1 has poured out his heart about the way he was treated. He said their passports were seized and he sent him back home while going for treatment.

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In a new development, Bata K1 noted that anyone who worked with the singer for a long time and couldn’t achieve anything should examine himself.  He said they were paid handsomely for working with him.

K1's drummer speaks about singer.K1’s drummer speaks about singer. Photo credit @kingwasiuayindemarshal
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Bata K1 says they get alerts Weekly

In the video that was sighted online, Bata K1 explained that the veteran singer paid them every week. If they don’t get alerts on Monday, they will get it on Tuesday.

He also mentioned that what they earn monthly, some level 17 officers don’t earn it. He also added that they also get money from him whenever they are on the stage working.

Bata K1 says they are house owners

The drummer mentioned four band members and said that they all have up to three houses they have built from what they make from working with K1.

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He also stated that many of them tried to imitate K1 in the way he spends money. Also explaining further, he noted that most of them are not educated so they do not know how to handle their finances.

Bata K1 opined that he didn’t grant the interview to refute what his other colleague had said but he felt that the singer who hosted corps members recently has been trying and he needs to speak about it.

See the video here:

How fans reacted to the video

Reactions have trailed what K1’s drummer said about him. Here are some of the comments below:


“Oga tell us how much u are collecting simple.”


“You go explain tire, mend your ways Alhaji Wasiu APC.”


“This man played bata on my grandma’s burial.”


“Ha, Wetin be this one like this?”


“This bro is hurt inner.”


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“Suffering and smiling.”


“Una go later talk true when e reach una turn!!! Dey play daddy.”


“Oga Favorite no dey feel am.”


“All these interviews is making it look like he did the band man wrong.”


“Suffering and smiling.”


“This interview wey una dey do mean say u won cover sontin.”

Portable reacts to how K1’s treats band

Meanwhile, Henzodaily.ng had reported that Portable had reacted to the maltreatment tale of K1 to his band members.

A drummer, Kunle Ayanlowo, working with K1 had said that he was not treated well despite working with the singer for 32 years.

Portable asked why Ayanlowo didn’t leave the band when he wasn’t getting what he wanted. He also noted that the singer collected their passports so that they would not abscond whenever they traveled out of the country.

Source: Henzodaily.ng

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