JUST IN: “Leave My Girlfriend Alone”: Young Lady Leaks Conversation Between Her Boyfriend and Brother

“Leave My Girlfriend Alone”: Young Lady Leaks Conversation Between Her Boyfriend and Brother

“Leave My Alone”: Young Leaks Conversation Between Her Boyfriend and Brother


A lady recently narrated an event involving her brother and boyfriend that captured significant online interestIn a disclosed WhatsApp audio message, the boyfriend cautioned his 's brother against constantly sharing her images on WhatsAppHe advised him to seek a girlfriend of his own, expressing frustration over the frequent posts of his sister, who is also his girlfriend

A young lady recounted an event involving her brother and boyfriend that has gone on .

In the leaked WhatsApp voice note, the boyfriend warned his girlfriend's brother to stop the constant posting of her images on WhatsApp.

The boyfriend warned him candidly. credit: @chinnyfrances
Source: TikTok

As shared by @chinnyfrances, the boyfriend urged him to seek his own girlfriend, expressing his disagreement at the incessant posting of his girlfriend's images by her brother.

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This incident has sparked a widespread online discussion, highlighting the importance of respecting personal boundaries in the digital age.

Watch the video below:

Henzodaily.ng compiled some of the reactions below:

Grateful98383 said:

“Fear no go let my sister bf enter my dm.”

Kingsley wrote:

“Be like say your bro no get funds.”

Asa Ego responded:

“My bro go feed you!.. so chilI. this was a harmless joke.”

Ifeanyiokeke89 commented:

“It is like, na that Ur bf dey feed Ur brother.”


“Small joke una don take am serious for comment section.”


“Wetin my sis bf dey find for my contact list for the first times.”


“They must be friends on a low na true make your brother find babe.”

Asa OilISGas:

“Something my can do, the man and jealousy na.”

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Sabinus _saboc001:

“Po boys and small boys r no even understand the cruise same thing de happen between me and my babe brother because i don first know en bro before her.”

Pinkalicious Promzy:

“Suddenly everybody sister boyfriend de fear them nawaoo shey u sef no ey o de fear em broda get gher e una take am too serious.”

Broke boyfriend who sent N2k to girlfriend begs

Meanwhile, Henzodaily.ng earlier reported that a Nigerian lady went viral on TikTok after sharing the little her boyfriend sent her.

In a new post shared via her TikTok page, she shared her boyfriend's reaction upon realising that she publicly posted a screenshot of the N2k he sent.

The lady, identified as @ezinne_6, shared WhatsApp screenshots of her man promising to send her more than N2k once he is successful.

Source: Henzodaily.ng

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