JUST IN: Lady Plaits Tight Braids, Complains of Pain, Netizens React: “Why Is It Parted Like the Red Sea?”

Lady Plaits Tight Braids, Complains of Pain, Netizens React: "Why Is It Parted Like the Red Sea?"

Lady Plaits Tight , Complains of , React: “Why Is It Parted Like the Red Sea?”


A lady got netizens concerned after she showed off the tight braids she made at a which caused her discomfortIn a video shared on TikTok, the lady was trying to wear a headwrap on her hair but the braids were too strong to be foldedIt took her a while to achieve her aim and it got many people wondering why she allowed the hairstylist to plait the style for her

A lady Moloto Kagiso (@moloto_k on TikTok) expressed pain as she displayed the tight braids her hairstylist made for her.

Netizens react as lady makes tight . Image credit: @moloto_k
Source: TikTok

The braids were strong and standing on her scalp and it disturbed her as she bent her neck sideways.

She wanted to wear a black headwrap on it but it wasn't easy for her as the braids were too hard to squeeze inside the material.

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Moreover, the process of putting the braids inside the headwrap was a painful one and it made netizens question the stylist's rationale behind the tight braids. Other people simply gave off comments that were amusing.

Check out the video of the lady's tight braids below:

Reactions to the lady's tight braids

Several users have commented on the lady's tight hairstyle. Check out some of the comments below:

@Thapelo Nams:

“Warm a with water and loosely cover your head with it.”


be careful of these hairstyles. Traction alopecia is real.”


“As a hair stylist when you do any faux locs, goddess locs, and butterfly locs, etc, they should never be this tight.”

@ .:

“Me laying down pain free with my fresh knotless braids.”

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“Take it out sis.”

@BookswithShazz Booktok:

“On a serious note, if you don't take those off, you are going to lose your hair.”

@Resha Phillips:

“And you sat there and allowed this?”


“Why is it parted like when Mosses parted the red sea?”

@Tejaé Monai:

“My head hurts just looking at it.”


“Someone said it looks like spider.”


“But how did you leave the salon?”

Lady makes very tight hairstyle

Henzodaily.ng earlier reported that a video has since gone on social media as it captures the moment a lady showed off her new hairstyle.

In the video, the lady was seen with what appears to be really tight braids that have left quite a number of people concerned.

Several users who saw the video took to the comment section to express their thoughts about the nature of the hairstyle.

Source: Henzodaily.ng

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