JUST IN: Kogi Lead List of 10 Most Expensive States To Live in Nigeria, As Inflation Cuts Workers’ Salaries

Kogi Lead List of 10 Most Expensive States To Live in Nigeria, As Inflation Cuts Workers' Salaries

“Latest data from NBS has shown a list of 10 states that are the most expensive to live in, especially for in Nigeria The figures are based on the latest rate and its impact on workers' salaries in just one year The report indicates that Kogi, Oyo, and Rivers State are among the states with the highest rise in inflation

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The newly released Consumer Price Index by the (NBS) shows that the cost of living in Nigeria remains on the rise.

According to the NBS report, inflation, which measures the price change of goods, rose in February to 31.70%, the highest level in 29 years.

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Most expensive states to live in NigeriaLagos, Kogi, and Rivers, among other states, are Nigeria's most expensive states
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This is a significant increase of 9.79% compared to the rate recorded in February , which was 21.91%.

It is also 1.80% points higher than the 29.90% inflation rate recorded in January 2024.

The impact of inflation rate changes

The latest report indicates that Nigerians are getting poorer as the value of items they can buy with the money at hand has reduced.

In context, if a Nigerian earns N30,000 (the national minimum wage) as of February 2023, their real income one year later (February 2024) is N22,782.97 when adjusted for the inflation rate of 31.70%.

This means the value of an average Nigerian worker's salary when going to the market has been reduced by N7,217.

Real income, also known as real wage, is how much money an individual or entity makes after accounting for inflation.

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Top 10 states with the highest inflation rate

Here are the top 10 most expensive states in which to live as a Nigerian worker and the amount lost to inflation.

StatesInflation rate(%)Real income after one yearKogi 37.98N21,723Oyo 36.60N21,981Bauchi 35.62N22,137Kwara 35.50N22,155Rivers 35.42N22,158Osun34.39N22,307Ebonyi 34.28N22,326Abia 34.12N22,350Ondo33.96N22,322Akwa Ibom33.94N22,323

Price of rice to crash

In good news, Henzodaily.ng reported that based on analysis by the Economic Research Service of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), Nigeria is anticipated to emerge as a major global rice importer, projecting an import of approximately 2.1 million metric tons in 2024.

The report forecasted that the worldwide rice industry will reach around 52.85 million tons by 2024, with increased exports from Brazil and South and heightened imports expected from Burkina Faso, , and Nigeria.

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The study also predicts a decline in rice production in Nigeria and seven other .

Source: Henzodaily.ng

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