JUST IN: Keystone Bank code; all Keystone Bank USSD codes 2024

Keystone Bank code; all Keystone Bank USSD codes 2024

Keystone Bank is a commercial bank in that was founded in 2011. The bank is currently owned by Sigma Golf River Bank Consortium. Keystone offers a wide range of banking products and services. Familiarising yourself with the essential Keystone Bank codes is crucial for conducting various activities without visiting the financial institution in person.

Keystone Bank codes allow you to carry out various through your mobile . Photo: @keystonebank on (modified by author)
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Keystone Bank was granted its banking license on 5 August 2011 by the (CBN). It is a rapidly growing bank currently operating in three countries. Keystone Bank has various bank codes for performing various functions. These codes can be used for numerous transactions, from transfers to balance checking.

What is the Keystone Bank code?

The Keystone Bank code is *7111#. This code enables you to perform various essential functions, such as checking your account balance, making transfers, buying airtime, paying bills etc. It is a quick, secure and easy way for all Keystone Bank customers to perform banking transactions conveniently.

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Is the Keystone Bank code free, and what advantages does it offer?

The Keystone Bank code is accessible to everyone without any charges, regardless of their mobile phone type. Using the code comes with several significant benefits, including:

convenience at their fingertips: The code provides a simple, quick, and easy-to-use platform for users.Roaming capabilities: The USSD application works even when users are away from their home network.Independence from Internet connection: The system operates through the GSM network, eliminating the need for an Internet connection.24/7 availability: Users can access the services provided by the Keystone Bank code anytime, day or night, throughout the week.Queue-free banking: The code spares users the hassle of waiting in long queues at banking halls.A woman using her phoneThe Keystone Bank code is *7111#. Photo: pexels.com, @keira-burton
Source: UGCHow to register and activate the Keystone Bank code

You will need a phone number linked to your bank to activate the Keystone Bank code. Follow the steps below to activate the code.

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Method 1Dial *7111#.Attempt any transaction on the menu, e.g. “Balance Enquiry”.A registration option will be displayed.Select the “Register Option”.Input your account number and year of birth.Create your transaction PIN, and the registration process is completed.Method 2Dial *7111*0#.Select the “Register Option”.Input your account number and year of birth.Create your transaction PIN, and the registration process is done.List of Keystone Bank codes

Below is a table of useful Keystone Bank codes you should know.

TransactionUSSD codeRegistration*7111*0#Check account balance*7111*00#Recharge your phone*7111*Amount#Recharge for others*7111*Amount*Phone Number#Mobile data*7111*5#Send money*7111*Amount*NUBANAccount Number#Activate debit card*7111*9*123#*7111*6#Panic code*7111*911#Change the default top-up account*7111*Account Number#What is the Keystone Bank code to check the balance?

You can use the USSD service by dialling *7111*00# to check your account balance. Promptly, you will receive a message containing your account balance details.

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How do you make bill payments using the Keystone Bank code?

The Keystone Bank code lets you make various bill payments anywhere, anytime. Follow the steps below to make any payment:

Dial *7111# on your registered phone number.Select “Other services”.Next, select “Bills Payment” on the next page to make a payment for a biller.

Keystone Bank's mobile banking app

You do not need to visit a physical Keystone Bank branch to do any transactions. The financial institution offers mobile banking services through its new app called KeyMobile.

The Keystone Bank app allows you to perform various activities, such as making payments and money transfers. You can download the app from Google Play (Android users) or App ( users).

The financial institution also offers Internet banking services for those who do not like using the USSD or do not have the Keystone mobile app.

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Keystone Bank log-in criteria

Keystone Bank log in portalThe Keystone Bank login portal homepage. Photo: ibank.keystonebankng.com
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If you use the Internet banking method, you must first register for this service. You can contact the financial institution to learn how to go about it. Once you have registered, follow the steps below to log in.

Open the official Keystone Bank website.At the right corner of the page, click “Internet Banking.”Sign in using your username and password.

Why is the Keystone Bank code not working?

There are a few reasons why your Keystone Bank code might not work. Some of the possible causes may include:

Temporary service outage: Occasionally, there might be temporary service outages that can affect USSD banking. Incorrect code: Double-check that you are using the correct code for the specific transaction you are trying to perform. The standard Keystone Bank USSD code is *7111#.Account issues: In some cases, your account might be inactive, blocked, or experiencing other issues that prevent you from using USSD banking.Network issues: Ensure you have a strong network connection. Weak signal strength can sometimes lead to errors when using USSD services.

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Keystone Bank's customer care number

If you are experiencing any issues performing various mobile transactions, contacting Keystone Bank's customer support is advisable. Their service team is online 24/7 to answer any questions or resolve any issues you might have.

You can also click the floating chat button on their home page to access their live chat. Alternatively, you can complete a complaint form on their website. Click “Complaints Handling” under quick links.

You can also speak to a customer service representative by visiting their branches nationwide. The head office is at 1 Keystone Bank Crescent, Victoria Island, Lagos.

How much can one transfer in a day using Keystone Bank?

The maximum daily transfer limit is N100,000 (a combination of Intrabank and Interbank). The maximum daily airtime purchase is N10,000.

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Who can use the Keystone Bank code service?

Customers are registered with mobile network operators such as MTN, GLO, Airtel, or 9Mobile.

What is Keystone Bank's customer care Whatsapp number?

The financial institution does not currently offer customer support through WhatsApp.

What happens when you lose your phone?

You can dial *7111*911# immediately on any phone. Follow the prompt to block all your accounts with Keystone Bank or contact the financial institution immediately.

What is the transfer code for Keystone Bank to another bank?

To transfer money to another financial institution, dial *7111*Amount*another Account Number#. Example: *7111*1000*1234512345#.

How do you enable or disable your USSD?

Dial *7111# and navigate to the “Other services” option. Choose the “Enable/Disable” option, allowing you to either enable or disable USSD functionality.

Can any phone be used to carry out USSD and mobile banking?

You can use the USSD mode on all phone types by dialling *7111# on your bank-registered phone number and entering your NUBAN account number.

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The Keystone Bank code allows you to carry out various transactions in the comfort of your home. You can send money, buy airtime and even pay bills by dialling *7111#. In case of any inconvenience, you can always contact the financial institution for assistance.

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Henzodaily.ng recently published an article about all the useful Sterling Bank transfer codes. Sterling Bank is one of the leading financial institutions in Nigeria, offering a range of services to its esteemed customers.

Sometimes, accessing banking services can be cumbersome, especially if you have to avail yourself at the bank premises. With the Sterling Bank transfer code, you can easily access several services without necessarily going to the physical branch. Read on to find out some services you can access through the USSD code.

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