JUST IN: Kaduna: Northern Elders React as Sheikh Gumi Urges Tinubu to Allow Him Negotiate with Bandits

Kaduna: Northern Elders React as Sheikh Gumi Urges Tinubu to Allow Him Negotiate with Bandits

The Northern Elders Forum (NEF) has urged President Tinubu to authorize to negotiate with the responsible for abducting 287 schoolchildren in NEF believes Gumi's dialogue efforts could secure the pupils' release and prevent future abductionsThe northern elders group advocates for supporting Gumi's dialogue as a strategic move to protect innocent lives and resolve the crisis in Kaduna

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Kaduna – The Northern Elders Forum (NEF) has asked President Bola Tinubu to approve Sheikh Ahmad Gumi's request to engage in dialogue with the bandits who abducted about 287 schoolchildren from Kuriga Government Secondary and LEA Primary Schools in the of .

The group said the Kaduna-based Muslim cleric may be able to secure the release of the pupils and prevent future abduction, The Punch reported.

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Sheikh Gumi/Tinubu/Northern Elders/Kaduna AbductionThe Northern Elders Forum (NEF) wants President Tinubu to allow Sheikh Gumi to negotiate with the bandits who abducted the Kaduna pupils.
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Insecurity in Kaduna,

Insecurity in Northern Nigeria, specifically in Kaduna and Borno states, has recently escalated with multiple incidents of abductions.

Within 24 hours, insurgents kidnapped 200 internally displaced in Borno and 287 pupils and teachers from schools in Kaduna.

The attackers stormed Kuriga, firing shots before seizing the victims from the schools.

Sheikh Gumi wants to negotiate with bandits

To secure their release, the controversial Islamic scholar implored President Tinubu to permit him to negotiate with the bandits.

He also advised the president against repeating the error made by former President Muhammadu Buhari, who declined to engage in dialogue with the bandits.

The federal government has, however, said it would not pay “a dime” as a for the release of school children, promising that they would be “brought back to safety”

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Why FG should support Gumi – NEF

In an interview with The Punch on Saturday, March 16, NEF's Spokesman, Abdul-Azeez Suleiman, voiced support for Gumi's efforts to negotiate with bandits in Kaduna.

According to him, the dialogue is aimed at de-escalating the crisis and saving lives.

Suleiman highlighted the importance of understanding the bandits' grievances and motivations through dialogue, which could lead to the safe release of abducted children and address underlying issues contributing to violence.

He stressed that engaging in talks with bandits doesn't imply condoning their actions but is a strategic move to protect innocent victims and prevent future abductions.

The NEF's spokesman advocated for supporting Gumi's dialogue as a means to achieve peace in Kaduna.

“While some may question the legitimacy of negotiating with criminals, it is important to consider the potential benefits of engaging in dialogue. In conflict resolution, dialogue is often seen as crucial to finding peaceful solutions,” he said.

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Bandits threaten to kill 287 abducted Kaduna students

Meanwhile, the kidnappers holding 287 Kaduna students and teachers hostage have reached out to the spokesperson of the troubled families and threatened to kill the hostages in 20 days if they fail to provide the N1 billion ransom demanded.

A community leader, Jubril Aminu, who acted as the representative of the hostage families, disclosed the demands of the kidnappers.

“They made a total of a 1 billion () ransom demand for all the pupils, students and staff of the school,” Aminu said.

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