JUST IN: Investing In Airport Transport Business

Investing In Airport Transport Business

Transportation services at airports across the country has become increasingly and in high demand. 

From shared shuttle buses or to private hired services that cater for different needs and budgets, these give various transportation options to the users.

The demand for taxi services has been significantly boosted due to the increased presence of schools, commercial establishments, , including the airport itself. 

As these locations are high-traffic and often require efficient and reliable transportation options, the need for taxis has become more relevant.

A passenger who works with an handling company said, his monthly expenses on transportation between Ikeja and the airport and vice versa exceeds N8,000.

Speaking with one of the investors in airport cab services, he stressed that, being an airport cab operator is a rewarding profession. Some individuals are not vehicle owners but are either using the car on lease or paying daily remittance to the owners. 



“We have those who do not own the vehicle but still use it for and deliver profits to the owner, and those who own the vehicle and take all the profits. It is interesting to note, for instance, if you give out a vehicle to someone to run an airport shuttle, the should be able to deliver N30,000 weekly, remit N7,000 daily if it is a , or deliver N45,000 and above weekly because buses have more capacity in terms of seats than cars.

To work in this environment, what is required of you is to fill out a form and register. He said: “you will obtain a form to show interest, and then your vehicle will be examined to conform with the standard set by the Federal Airport Authority of Nigeria (), and afterwards, you will pay a certain amount, which will grant you access to the toll for a year.

“The other payment you make is the union fee. For a car, you pay N40,000, whereas buses pay N60,000 because their final destination is different. It is important that you strictly follow the prescribed blue paint on your vehicle, especially, if it is to be used for an airport shuttle service. This is crucial in ensuring that your vehicle stands out and can be easily identified as a legitimate airport shuttle service provider.” 

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