JUST IN: “I Was in the Bathroom”: Nigerian Woman Cries out over Damage Her Little Daughter Did, Shares Photo

"I Was in the Bathroom": Nigerian Woman Cries out over Damage Her Little Daughter Did, Shares Photo

“I Was in the Bathroom”: Nigerian Woman Cries out over Damage Her Little Did, Shares


A Nigerian woman has lamented online over what her pulled off while she was out of sightAccording to her, she was in the bathroom doing her child's laundry and it dawned on her the kid had been quiet for a while She sarcastically hailed the child as a thoughtful one and sought the opinions of other mums who have experienced such

Norah Bonnison, a Nigerian mum, has shown the great damage her little daughter did to their apartment's wall while she was in the bathroom.

Norah, who was doing the kid's laundry in the bathroom, got concerned when her daughter was suspiciously quiet and came out to check on her.

The woman was in the bathroom doing her child's laundry.
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Photo Credit: Jamie Grill, Facebook/Nora Bonnison
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Quite to her shock, she saw how the kid scrapped the wall's paint with part of a steel glass.

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She wondered how other coped with such incidents.

Norah shared a picture of what her daughter did on Facebook as she lamented. Her post read:

“I was in the bathroom doing my child's laundry and I realized she's been suspiciously quiet for a while ….

“I came out and met this .

“Thoughtful child .. she decided to renovate our room without the consent of the Landlord.

“Mothers with (s) .. how are you all coping ?”

Another mum had lamented after catching her kid wasting milk.

Norah Bonnison's post stirred reactions

Mary Okorie Ogeudo said:

“My dear you need to see my parlour wall and see what my daughter did to it.

UG Adaugo said:

“This is exactly what my did to my room today lol.”

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Nma Furuaku Nma said:

“Their silence is always so scary and jenjelous.”

Precious Oge Okonkwo-Ugochukwu said:

“So sorry, my son did this same thing in my parents house. I almost ran mad that day.”

Okorie Igwe said:

“Hard working baby girl. hope you paid her the desired wage?”

Bibat Jibril Buhari said:

“Not easy I swear, shining even in the sleep.”

Real Eriugo Chukwunonso Seniorman said:

“Urs Dey play. Mine finished half liter of Kerosene before I came out.”

Mum cries as son wastes milk

Meanwhile, Henzodaily.ng previously reported that a woman had cried out after seeing her little son wasting milk.

The funny little boy opened the milk and spilt its contents on his body and all over the floor. His mother walked into the room and raged after witnessing her toddler in action.

The kid, however, could care less about his mother's outrage as he continued licking the milk despite being spanked.

Source: Henzodaily.ng

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