JUST IN: “I Can’t Do this Anymore”: Lady Driving Car from London to Lagos Cries over Problem in Sierra Leone

"I Can't Do this Anymore": Lady Driving Car from London to Lagos Cries over Problem in Sierra Leone

“I Can't Do this Anymore”: Lady from London to Lagos Cries over Problem in Sierra Leone


has cried out over problems she encountered with Customs Control officials at the Sierra Leone borderPelumi is a solo traveller, who had several days ago, begun a journey to get to Lagos from London by carThe adventurer shed tears as she narrated how the officials denied her access and requested money from her

Pelumi Nubi, the lady travelling from London to Lagos by car, has lamented being denied into Sierra Leone, a country in West Africa.

In a touching , Pelumi wept in her car, saying she was so tired and “can't do this anymore.”

Pelumi said she was tired of the whole thing.
Photo Credit: @pelumi.nubi
Source: TikTok

Pelumi Nubi's problem with customs officials

According to Pelumi, the Customs Control officials at the Sierra Leone border faulted her use of right-hand drive.

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She added that they did not believe she was travelling from London to Lagos by road and even requested money from her.

“️THEY SAID ‘ACCESS DENIED'! so close to the finish line and I am facing a tide of challenges that feels relentless. Each border crossing, a battle against multiple red tapes, this time Sierre Leone they don't want to let my ‘right-hand' drive car to come into their country! The road is long, and at times, it feels like for every step forward, I'm pushed three steps back,” she explained.

Pelumi, who entered Africa days ago, appreciated netizens for the massive support shown to her and called for more encouragement towards her cause.

Watch the video below:

Encouragement and criticism trailed Pelumi Nubi's video

user5279904385215 said:

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“Pelumi pls be strong you are always there. remember the finishing part is the most difficult part.God protect you.”


“Pelumi we are rotten for you … this is meant to be but you have come too far uhn … please hang on… God in involved and He doesn't fail.”

tailorgirlie said:

“They'll let you in… keep your head up, you've come too far to give up,you're gonna make it, this too shall pass and become one of the many memories.”

B said:

“The Lord is your strengthso sorry this is happening to you in my country.”

Mrs B said:

“Notice you didn't have these problems in North Africa but are now having these issues in West Africa. We are our own worst enemies.”

Bambi said:

“This is really sad oo buh nobody send you this thing oo.”

Tall glass of wine said:

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“Pov: you're seeing this after seeing this video of that saying she hasn't come across the lady travelling from London to Lagos by road.”

Pelumi Nubi shares her daily fuelling expenses

Meanwhile, Henzodaily.ng previously reported that Pelumi Nubi had revealed how much she spends on fuel daily.

In a video she posted on TikTok, the lady, Pelumi Nubi, was seen buying fuel. She bought fuel amounting to 47 Euros, which is about N74,000. However, she said she actually spends about 50 Euros daily (N79,000) fueling the car.

The journey will take Pelumi to 15 countries before she finally arrives in .

Source: Henzodaily.ng

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