JUST IN: How I Became Interested In Gender Selection — Didiugwu

How I Became Interested In Gender Selection — Didiugwu

Amaka Didiugwu's childhood yearning for a in an all- household ignited her interest in gender selection.

Driven by a desire for answers beyond her parents' contentment, she embarked on a journey of discovery that ultimately led to expertise in the field. Today, as the founder of PAAM, a diagnostic and research clinic, she utilizes modern medicine to address both contemporary and age-old challenges, including gender selection.

“My fascination with gender selection originated from the absence of brothers in my own ,” Didiugwu explained. “Listening to classmates' stories about their brothers evoked a longing in me for that special bond. Despite my parents' satisfaction with , I yearned for clarity. It wasn't until my youngest turned 19 that my brother finally arrived. Through perseverance and divine guidance, I sought and found the answers I sought.”

A graduate in Medical Laboratory Science from the Nsukka, Didiugwu highlighted the widespread demand for male across various cultures as the cultural and social context surrounding gender preference in .

“In some Igbo communities,” she elaborated, “a 's status may feel incomplete without a , leading to a skewed demand ratio of 70:30 in favor of boys.”

Reflecting on the challenges she encountered when she started out as a gender selection expert, Didiugwu acknowledged initial skepticism: “At first, people doubted the legitimacy, mistaking it for a scam. I don't blame them; explaining the feasibility of gender selection seemed daunting. To earn their trust, I tagged reviews with the owners' names, ensuring authenticity. Additionally, I began creating explanatory videos, which significantly improved credibility.”

Regarding the future role of gender selection, Didiugwu envisioned its potential to influence family planning decisions. “I believe gender selection can encourage families to stop at a reasonable number of children once they have both genders,” she noted.

“Many families persist in having children until they achieve a desired gender, but with gender selection, they can comfortably conclude their family size, alleviating unnecessary strain.”

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