JUST IN: “Google is Loading Fast”: Man Explains Why Internet Speed is Slow Over Undersea Cable Damage

"Google is Loading Fast": Man Explains Why Internet Speed is Slow Over Undersea Cable Damage

A has taken to explain the reason behind the downtime being experienced across NigeriaThe , Hire Oghenekaro, explained how undersea cables could affect individual internet users when it is damagedOver the past week, MTN and Airtel users in have faced challenges trying to connect to the internet due to server downtime

The server internet downtime being experienced by MTN and Airtel users is due to damage in an undersea cable cut.

However, many people do not understand how damage to undersea internet cables could affect their internet speed and cause disruptions in commercial services.

But a Nigerian man who is knowledgable on the workings of internet data cables laid under the sea has offered a simple explanation.

The man, Hire Oghenekaro, explained that without undersea cable, it would not be possible to connect billilions of people over the world wide web.

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He wrote:

“Think about it this way. If I have a Word document on my computer, and you connect your computer to mine using an Ethernet cable. You'll be able to see “Karo's computer” on yours, and open my folders to open that word document that's on my computer.

“No wonder for everyone to be truly connected, all over the world, between continents and countries, we need to actually use cables. Fibre Optics cables. The whole world is connected with many cables running under the sea is how we have the world wide web… of cables.

“So when you type in a URL and it doesn't open, it's because that server has been disconnected, cos it is in another country, and the cable connecting together, has been damaged. So my browser, can't find the file.”

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See the full explanation below:

Reactions as man explains undersea cable cuts

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MTN reacts to network downtime

Meanwhile, Henzodaily.ng reported that numerous nations experienced internet disruption on Thursday, March 14, due to multiple undersea telecommunication cables encountering failures.

MTN Group, a prominent network provider in Africa, attributed the continuing disruptions to failures in several vital undersea cables.

The outage has impacted international transfers and caused limitations on international voice calls.

Source: Henzodaily.ng

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