JUST IN: Federal Government Raids Diddy’s 3 Homes, World Watches On: “Hollywood Has a Lot of Demons”

Federal Government Raids Diddy’s 3 Homes, World Watches On: “Hollywood Has a Lot of Demons”

Federal Raids Diddy's 3 Homes, Watches On: “Hollywood Has a Lot of Demons”


The Federal government recently raided American rapper Sean “Diddy” Combs's three homes in the US The raid of Diddy's homes was in connection with the federal sex trafficking investigation The whole world watched on as clips were leaked on social media of the star's homes being raided and him not seen in themThe Federal Government has raided Diddy's three homes. Image: Dave Benett/ MEGA
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Things just got hot for the popular American rapper and Sean “Diddy” Combs as he got unexpected visits from the Federal Government recently.

Federal government raids Diddy's 3 houses

Social media has been buzzing since rapper Diddy has been trending online for multiple sexual assault cases. Not so long ago, the star was on top of the trending list as the US Federal Government raided three of his homes.

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A Twitter (X) user @CollinRugg posted a video that showed Diddy's homes being raided by Homeland Security in connection to a federal sex trafficking investigation and wrote:

“Rapper Diddy's Los Angeles home has been raided by Homeland Security in connection to a federal s*x trafficking investigation. According to investigators, Diddy's Miami home was also raided. Multiple have come forward accusing Diddy of beatings, s*xual assault and forced drugging.

“Accuser Joi Dickerson, says when she was 19, she was “intentionally drugged” by Diddy after a date. He then took her home and allegedly r*ped her. Diddy filmed the assault and showed his friends. Dickerson went into and later dropped out of college. Another filed by a man, accuses Diddy of unsolicited groping and sexual touching.”

See the post below:

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Netizens weigh in on the raid

Many netizens weighed in on Diddy's homes being raided by the federal government. See some of the comments below:

@thereallorilove questioned:

“Genuine question. How common is it for Homeland Secuirty to do a raid? What would make them do it over the FBI?”

@jimomics wrote:

“So he's accused of the kind of thing that goes on at the border 100's of time a day. Why don't we have enough time for that?”

@Marcie2316 responded:

“It's about time! But who is to say this isn't the government doing a coverup.”

@LarryDJonesJr asked:

“Is anyone really surprised most of these celebrities are involved?”

@Bubblebathgirl said:

“OMG! Will this be happening to more Hollywood pedòs?”

@LadoBitnar wrote:

“Honestly, I'm not surprised. Hollywood has a lot of demons.”

@logictrust3 tweeted:

“Wait a minute? This is what they do on suspicion of a crime and yet they have all the Epstein records of clients who had sex with underage girls and not one home has been raided. What has happened to America?”

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@JustTrollinLibs commented:

“Diddy may have diddled his last ditty.”

50 Cent ignites beef with Diddy after firing shots

In a previous report from Henzodaily.ng, 50 Cent recently ignited controversy in a video by explaining why he avoids attending P Diddy's parties, citing discomfort with certain activities.

In a viral video, he suggested that men engage in questionable behaviour at these events, leading him to steer clear of them.

This comes amid reports of the two beefing each other.

Source: Briefly.co.za

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