JUST IN: Expert Wants SMEs To Scale Up With Technology

Expert Wants SMEs To Scale Up With Technology

In a compelling call to action, Oluwatoyin Momodu, a distinguished authority on digital , has vigorously championed the cause for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) to integrate into their models for exponential growth.

Speaking at a media briefing, Momodu illuminated the critical role technology plays in enabling SMEs to broaden their horizons and secure lasting success in an ever-evolving marketplace.

“SMEs are undoubtedly the pillars supporting our economy's structure, and their progression and competitive edge hinge on the adoption of technological innovations,” Momodu declared.

She passionately argued that digital tools and solutions offer SMEs streamlined operations, access to new markets, and the key to unlocking vast opportunities for growth.

from her extensive in steering businesses toward digital metamorphosis, Momodu identified the unique challenges SMEs in adapting to the digital era. She is convinced that technology is not just an enhancer but a revolutionary force capable of reshaping traditional business landscapes and spurring creativity and innovation.

According to Momodu, technology acts as a lever for growth, allowing SMEs to refine their processes, boost efficiency, and elevate the customer experience.

“The digital era presents a plethora of tools, from cloud computing to e-commerce platforms, that if embraced, enable SMEs to scale efficiently and maintain relevance in the competitive global market,” she elucidated.

In her persuasive address, Momodu stressed the importance of viewing technology adoption as a strategic necessity rather than an optional luxury.

“The swift advancement in technology requires SMEs to be forward-thinking and adaptable,” she argued, adding that to integrate technological advancements could leave businesses trailing behind their competitors, missing out on critical growth opportunities.

Moreover, Momodu highlighted the significance of investing in digital literacy and fostering a culture of continuous learning within organizations.

“Equipping your workforce with the requisite skills to leverage technology fully is crucial,” she asserted, saying the focus on skill development and digital literacy ensures that SMEs remain versatile and robust amidst technological shifts.

Momodu's advocacy and expertise are not just about promoting technology adoption; they are about inspiring SMEs to see technology as the key to unlocking their growth potential and achieving sustainable prosperity.

As an expert, she stands out as a visionary leader in digital transformation, tirelessly working to influence the SME sector positively.

Her dedication to change and innovation has solidified her position as an influential figure in the business , encouraging a new generation of entrepreneurs to embrace technology as the for success and growth in the digital age.

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