JUST IN: Culprits In Attack Release Video Confessions

Culprits In Attack Release Video Confessions

Culprits In Attack Release Video Confessions


The (DHQ) has said there was no significant made yet in the gruesome killing of 18 soldiers in Delta State on March 14, 2024.
The high command called on the state and host communities to help in the investigation as some culprits have released video confessions admitting to the barbaric act.
The military has also recovered decomposing hearts, which cut out of the mutilated bodies of the killed soldiers.

This is just as President Bola has said his government will not tolerate attacks on the military.
The director, Defence Media Operations, Major General Edward Buba who disclosed this yesterday said troops recovered decomposing parts of some of the soldiers during a search on some communities.
He said troops have carried out cordon and search operations in Akugbene, Ukuama and Okoloba communities in Ugheli and Ugheli South Ukuama Amusamo, Akwagbe, Arhavwarien, Pirigbene and Igbomatoro communities all in Delta State to recover the weapons of the deceased soldiers.
He said, “the decomposing hearts of some of the killed soldiers were recovered during search, while the manhunt continues with no significant arrest yet made.

“Significantly, there is a video of persons admitting to have perpetrated the killings of the soldiers in Delta State. The video among other things helps to narrow investigations to persons of interest and their cohorts. Accordingly, the state governments and host communities of these personalities are required to assist instigation in fishing them out. There can be no hiding place for perpetrators of such a dastardly act against our nation. This is a clarion call to duty by members of those communities and the state governments,” he stated.

Killers Of Soldiers In Delta Will Face Certain Justice – Tinubu
Meanwhile, President has said that the perpetrators of the killing of soldiers in Delta State would face certain justice, warning that his administration will not tolerate attacks on the military and security infrastructure.
The president, who hosted the leadership of the Senate to a dinner to break the Ramadan fast at the State House on Thursday, said the military will continue to enjoy the support of his administration in neutralising security threats across the country.
“Our armed forces are working hard, and we will not allow attackers to undermine the integrity and value of our armed forces and its leadership.

“We will continue to encourage and for our sovereignty, our individual rights to exist, and we will succeed in banishing poverty from our land,'' the president said in a statement by his spokesman, Ajuri Ngelale.
told the leadership of the Senate that the integrity of the National Assembly must remain intact and that his administration will always encourage cooperation for the advancement of the nation.
“I know the arithmetic of the budget and the numbers that I brought to the National Assembly, and I know what numbers came back. I appreciate all of you for the expeditious handling of the budget. Thank you very much.

“Those who are talking about malicious embellishment in the budget; they did not understand the arithmetic and did not refer to the baseline of what I brought. But your integrity is intact.
“I am grateful for what you have been doing. The natural challenge we are facing will be over. On the current economic difficulty, we are about turning the corner. Our revenue has improved. All we have to do is to control expenditure and manage ourselves better.

“Light is at the end of the tunnel, and will soon smile again,” the president affirmed.
President Tinubu thanked members of the National Assembly for the speedy attention given to the Student Loan Amendment Bill, urging more tolerance, forgiveness, and charity during Ramadan.
President of the Senate, Godswill Akpabio thanked the president for hosting the lawmakers, noting that regular interactions would enhance understanding and productive governance.

“We bring you greetings from the 10th Senate. We bring you assurances of continuous collaboration because we believe strongly that for us to have two brothers from the National Assembly as president and vice-president, and even the chief of staff as our member, we have no option than to work with you, and to do everything possible for this administration to succeed,'' the senate president.

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