JUST IN: CSO Charges Tinubu On Robust Anti-graft Strategy

Tinubu Seeks Upward Review Of Judicial Officers' Salaries, Allowances

CSO Charges On Robust Anti-graft Strategy


A civil society organisation (CSO), Resource Centre for Human Rights & Civic Education (CHRICED) has called on President to create a national strategy on the against .

Ata press conference in , CHRICED‘s executive director, Comrade Ibrahim Zikirullahi, drew attention to a series of investigations revealing deep-rooted corruption across various government agencies, notably within the Customs Service (NCS).

While referencing a 16-minute video by undercover journalist Fisayo Soyombo, which exposed how 100 bags of banned foreign were smuggled into the country, implicating high-ranking customs officials in Abuja, Zikirullahi highlighted the dire need for a robust anti-corruption strategy to be implemented promptly.

He said, „CHRICED, as a frontline organisation committed to promoting transparency, accountability, and good governance in Nigeria, is deeply concerned about these latest exposures of corruption involving Nigeria Customs Service.

“While support for democracy remains relatively high in Nigeria, it should worry the governments at all levels that almost 80% of are dissatisfied with the way democracy works in Nigeria pointing to an urgent need for reforms to make democracy work for all. A bold, comprehensive anti corruption programme is a critical first step.

“In view of the above, CHRICED puts forward the following recommendations: We urge President Tinubu to prioritize without delay the establishment of a comprehensive national strategy to combat corruption. This strategy should aim to enhance the autonomy of anti-corruption bodies, granting them the necessary independence and authority to effectively carry out their duties without any external interference or influence.

“We recommend immediate suspension and prosecution of the corrupt Customs officers identified in the investigation, along with the recovery of the entire bribe amounts they received.

“We a thorough inquiry into the accusations of smuggling of foreign rice and other prohibited items by a senior customs officer in the video featuring the infamous smuggler, IBD Bande, who was shown threatening to kill a customs officer.

“We call for a comprehensive reform of the Nigeria Customs Act to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the Nigeria Customs Board and curtail the overbearing powers of the Minister of Finance,“ he said.

The organisation also called for the strengthening of anti-corruption institutions, rigorous enforcement of financial regulations, and preventive measures to promote transparency and accountability in the public sector.


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