JUST IN: Controversial Kano TikToker, Murja Kunya, Granted N.5m Bail

Controversial Kano TikToker, Murja Kunya, Granted N.5m Bail

Controversial Kano , Murja Kunya, Granted N.5m


A Kano State High presided over by Justice Nasiru Saminu has granted bail to controversial TikToker, Murja Ibrahim Kunya.

The bail, set at the sum of N500,000.00, required two reliable sureties, including a relative and one other person possessing a landed property in Kano municipality of Kano State.

Murja's application for bail stemmed from a directive issued by a Kano Shari'ah Court, mandating a psychiatric evaluation by a qualified medical professional to be carried out on the TikToker.

Following a thorough consideration, Justice Saminu deemed it necessary to release Murja on bail, especially with the impending Easter break, as she had been in since February 20, 2024.

Justice Saminu ordered the verification of the sureties' property by the court registry. Moreover, he imposed a restriction on Murja Kunya's usage until the conclusion of the case, warning that any violation would to her re- and subsequent appearance in court.

Additionally, Justice Saminu called for the presence of various stakeholders in the upcoming proceedings, including the defendant's counsel, the State's Attorney General, representatives from the Hisbah Board, and the Commissioner of . The aim was to address potential amendments to the Kano State Hisbah Board law, ensuring proper adjudication in the case.

The court adjourned the proceedings to May 16, 2024, allowing for further legal deliberations and the gathering of necessary evidence in the matter.

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