JUST IN: Civil Servants To Commence Computer-based Tests For Promotions

Civil Servants To Commence Computer-based Tests For Promotions

Civil Servants To Commence Computer-based Tests For Promotions


In a bid to modernise its operations and ensure transparency, the Federal Civil Service Commission (FCSC) has announced plans to transition to computer-based tests for conducting promotional examinations for its staff.

The move was disclosed by the chairman of the commission, Prof Tunji Olaopa, during the inaugural monthly seminar series held in .

Speaking on the theme, “The Institutional Framework and Procedure for the Conduct of Directorate Level Exercise: Guaranteeing Integrity, Transparency and Accountability of Standard Practices,' Olaopa emphasized the commission's commitment to transitioning from traditional methods to digital platforms.

“The commission is transiting through the upcoming 2024 promotion exercise from analogue-rooted practices to computer-based tests and the modernisation and digitisation of its core operations.

“As part of the reform, the FCSC will introduce an online recruitment portal accessible to all , allowing eligible candidates to pre-fill recruitment forms and update them ahead of recruitment advertisements. Furthermore, candidates will undergo computer-based tests and oral interviews, with results collated and released in real-time.

“Beyond the CBT and the digitisation and computerisation programme, there are many other facets to the commission's reform plan, which will be unveiled progressively as we get the sign-on and endorsement of our principal. Of course, the commission requires enhanced staff capacity and upgraded institutional capability to sustain the momentum that this series of reform initiatives will create.

“We are however hopeful that in so far as all the efforts are channeled to strengthen the professionalism of the federal bureaucracy to enhance the potentials of the Renewed Hope Agenda of the president to game-change 's national journey, thereby relieving the burdens and pains that the irreducible policies of the may have created, then we sure will not lack the oxygen required to keep the implementation of the reform programmes on course.

“To facilitate this transition, the FCSC will enter into an outsourcing contract with the National Open of Nigeria and the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board () as technical partners. This collaboration aims to leverage their infrastructure, networks, and experience for online accreditation, computer-based testing, and promotion interviews, starting with directorate-level officers,” he stated.

The director of Examinations and Assessment at the National Open , Prof Ojo Olugbenga expressed support for the initiative, emphasizing the advantages of computer-based tests and the need for effective collaboration between institutions.

The chairman expressed optimism that these reforms would enhance the professionalism of the federal bureaucracy, aligning with the objectives of the President's Renewed Hope Agenda and contributing to Nigeria's national transformation journey.

A retired permanent secretary, Federal Civil Service Commission, Olu Illesanmi emphasized the need for increased transparency within the commission's promotion system.

The retired official expressed his gratitude for the opportunity extended by the chairman of the commission to participate in a pivotal forum.

This forum, according to Illesanmi, signifies the commencement of crucial reforms within the Federal Civil Service Commission, particularly in the domain of personnel management, encompassing , promotion, and disciplinary procedures, as stipulated in the constitution.

During his address at the forum, Illesanmi underscored the imperative for continuous improvement, asserting that the prevailing promotion system within the Civil Service Commission, while showing some signs of progress, remains deficient in transparency.

He highlighted the pressing need to rectify this shortfall, stressing that transparency is essential for fostering trust and efficiency within the commission.

Illesanmi several measures to enhance transparency within the promotion process. Foremost among his recommendations was the adoption of computer-based testing for assessments, a suggestion put forward by the commission's chairman.


He maintained that leveraging technology in this manner could effectively address the shortcomings inherent in the current promotion system, thereby instilling greater transparency and fairness.

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