JUST IN: “A Woman Who Bosses Her Husband Will Raise Bad Children”: Video of Ibrahim Chatta Preaching Trends

“A Woman Who Bosses Her Husband Will Raise Bad Children”: Video of Ibrahim Chatta Preaching Trends

“A Woman Who Bosses Her Husband Will Raise Bad Children”: Video of Ibrahim Chatta Preaching Trends


It is the Ramadan season, and it is not surprising to see some famous Nollywood stars who are Muslims to show their religious dispositions, like Ibrahim ChattaA recent video of the famous preaching about children and their with their has got people talking In the trending video, Ibrahim Chatta spoke about bossy who tend to want to subdue their husbands' will, especially about their children, which usually leads to ruin

A video of famous Nigerian actor Ibrahim Chatta showing off his depth in Arabic knowledge and teachings has gone viral.

It is common to see Nigerian stars engage with the public differently during Ramadan.

A video of Ibrahim Chatta preaching about bossy women and the repercussions of their behaviour goes viral.
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Just like his colleague, Lateef Adedimeji was seen talking about the importance of knowing Allah and his mercies upon the life of a Muslim, Ibrahim Chatta also gave a short Ramadan lecture.

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However, the video of Ibrahim Chatta preaching to his and some other people about women and their roles as a wife and mothers has caught the attention of many online.

In the viral clip, Ibrahim Chatta noted that the prayers of a father are much more important in a child's life than the mother's.

He further shared that it is the curse of a mother that a child should be more scared of and not necessarily her prayers.

“Having a bossy woman as wife” – Chatta

During his preachings, Ibrahim Chatta spoke about bossy women and the repercussions of marrying one as a wife.

He noted that bossy women who tend to subdue their husband's will and desires for their own to rise are naturally bound to give birth to unfortunate children.

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Watch the viral clip below:

Netizens react to Ibrahim Chatta's preachings

Here are some of the comments that trailed Ibrahim Chatta's video:


“This is nonsense!! This mentality should end already! So if your mum refuse to accept cheating and all manners of abuse, the child will not turn out to be great????”


“This is a strong message to whom it may concern.”


“Whether you disagree or agree, pick the good points. Don't be a bossy woman, don't be a bossy man too.”


“lol awon oloribu omo to ni Baba po. I have seen Doctors , Engineers , Successful business people who are fatherless.Ko need ki iyawo lo ata fun ale re takeaway wa okay lol. Money stops nonsense.”


“Ds man fall my hand ni sha.”


“. That's true.”


“I disagree smh!”


“Powerful message.”


“Awon omo ti baba won ku ni kekere nko o uncle.”

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“This man is always on point. Responsible Baba and mama are the back bone of responsible child.”


“You will just realize someone you held in high esteem doesn't have sense. Women don suffer for this world This better be a movie scene.”

Video of Chatta carrying bags of Cement trends

Henzodaily.ng recalls reporting a video of Ibrahim Chatta that made the rounds on a while back.

The viral clip showed the moment the movie star joined labourers at work on a construction site, which some have noted was his to help carry bags of cement.

The movie star effortlessly lifted the bag and was seen using only one hand to support it.

Source: Henzodaily.ng

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