Industrialist Urges Political Will To Tackle Problem Of Hardship In Nigeria

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Industrialist Urges Political Will To Tackle Problem Of In


An Osun State-based industrialist, Chief Tunde Badmus has charged the at all levels to have strong political will to tackle the problem of hardship and achieve security for .

The chairman, Tuns Group who spoke with journalists in Osogbo lauded governments for embarking on road infrastructure but said for greater emphasis should be on food security.

He stressed the need for Governors in the country, especially those of the southwest to think out of the box with a view to revive agriculture and focus on areas of their comparative advantage to reduce rising cost of food in the region.

“Our governors should reduce emphasis on road infrastructure only, they should diversify into agriculture. Each state can focus on their areas of comparative advantage with a view to increasing food sufficiency in the region, it can be done, but there is need for political will on the side of the governors”, he stressed.

The magnate urged the to provide necessary incentives to protect local manufacturers towards returning the nation's economy to a productive one.




He added that 's effort towards ensuring a stable forex and reduce would be boosted when the productive sector becomes active and protected from being dominated by foreign goods.




He said that the federal government must consolidate the effort of the Central Bank in ensuring that the productive sector is highly active and maximize its comparative advantage over foreign goods.




“The FG is doing well in terms of monetary policy through the central bank. Now President Bola has put economic teams on the ground that will stabilize the economy but there's a lot of work to be done to make sure that the local production is protected,'' he said.

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