“Hubby bought me another Rolls Royce”: Deola Smart Adeyemi brags as Malivelihood gifts her a Phantom

"Hubby bought me another Rolls Royce": Deola Smart Adeyemi brags as Malivelihood gifts her a Phantom

“Hubby bought me another Rolls Royce”: Deola Smart Adeyemi brags as Malivelihood gifts her a Phantom


Famous Nigerian billionaire couple Malivelihood and Smart Adeyemi’s daughter Deola recently sparked massive reaction on social mediaA recent post by Deola Smart, as she celebrated an expensive gift her hubby gave her, got people talking onlineThe serial entrepreneur had revealed in a post on her page that her billionaire hubby recently gifted her a Rolls Royce Phantom VIII

Billionaire socialite Malivelihood and his beautiful wife, Deola Smart, are back in the news as they remind Nigerians just how wealthy they are.

A recent post shared online by Senator Smart Adeyemi’s daughter, Deola, caught the attention of netizens as she went out to celebrate a gift given to her by her billionaire hubby.

Deola Smart celebrates as her hubby Malivelihood gifts her a N600m car.
Photo credit: @malivelihood/@deolasamrt
Source: Instagram

The real estate mogul, in a post, announced that her hubby recently gifted her a new Rolls Royce Phantom VIII.

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The new ride is the second Rolls Royce that Malivelihood would gift his beloved wife in months.

Who is Malivelihood?

Olusola Awujoola is a Nigerian billionaire and a jeweller. He is one of the biggest luxury jewellers in Nigeria and West Africa.

Malivelihood is the brain behind most designer gold-coated items several Nigerian celebrities own. His fundamental reinvention of designer watch ornamentation glowers like an expensive and timeless art, especially his panoptic elevation of the horological craft as a Nigerian art with global appeal.

He is also the husband of Deola, the daughter of Kogi former Kogi state senator Smart Adeyemi.

Awujoola tied the knot with his wife, Deola, on December 5, 2020.

See the photos of Deola Smart’s new Rolls Royce:

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Reactions trail Deola Smart’s new ride

Here are some of the comments that trailed Deola Smart’s post as she celebrates her new whip:


“May God bless us singles with a generous partner that has a conscience.”


“Why u go dey buy woman this kind car.. even men don’t look good while driving them it’s only good for chaeufer service not personal drive.”


“God I need to be taking care of too.”


“Congratulations to you and God bless your husband.”


“Words of affirmation alone can’t buy this.”


“Wow, this is what you call the good life.”


“I connect my energy towards this.”


“Nobody likes public acclaim like these two.”

Deola reveals how many cars she owns

Henzodaily.ng recalls reporting a comment made by Deola Smart about how wealthy she and her hubby were.

The serial hotel owner had responded to a comment shared on her page by a curious fan.

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The fan had asked Deola how many cars she and her hubby own and how much could she say they are all worth.

Source: Henzodaily.ng

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