“How I Lost Big Business Deal over Facebook Comment I Made in 2021”: Nigerian Man Opens up

"How I Lost Big Business Deal over Facebook Comment I Made in 2021": Nigerian Man Opens up

“How I Lost Big Business Deal over Facebook Comment I Made in 2021”: Nigerian Man Opens up


A Nigerian man has shared how someone he insulted on Facebook in 2021 cost him a business opportunity in UmuahiaSometime in 2021, he made an abusive comment on a man’s post in a Facebook group which earned the poster netizens’ bashingQuite to his shock, the same person he insulted never forgot about the incident and taught him a lesson in 2022

A jocular social media comment made in 2021 cost a Nigerian businessman a huge opportunity a year later.

The affected businessman, Ezinwa Nlewedim, recalled making an abusive comment on someone’s post in Rant HQ group in 2021.

Ezinwa Nlewedim’s Facebook comment of 2021 cost him in 2022.
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In a Facebook post, Ezinwa stated that he insulted the person personally that very day.

“…A lot of people bashed and insulted him too, but I took it very personal and gave him back to back insults and people liked my response (insult) to his post…”

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In 2022, the same person would turn out to be the production manager of a company he sought to supply his products to, and the company denied him the deal at the last minute.

Ezinwa’s story in part:

“…It was my turn to offload and I received a shocking order from the MDs office… Mr Ezinwa Nlewedim, I’m sorry we’re not going to buy your goods again and moreover, we won’t want you to bring your goods to our company again.

“I was shocked! The company’s commercial manager was shocked aswell!

“When I requested to know the reason for the change in plans, I was ordered out of the company’s premises. Guess who made sure I Lost that business opportunity? Your guess is correct!

“The man I insulted in FB in 2021. It turned out that he was the production manager and even more powerful than the commercial manager, who brought me to the company.

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“He used his influence in the company and made sure I Lost that business opportunity. A cruise comment (insults) I made in 2021, costed me a rare opportunity in 2022 and I am blacklisted in that company till date…”

In another development, a Nigerian man was fired from work abroad after his white boss saw his viral video about cats.

Ezinwa Nlewedim’s story stirred reactions

Derby Ibewuike said:

“Omoh, I no go dey talk again for this FB biko.”

Ekenna Franklyn said:

“Truth is, I see the lesson that I should Learn but…. I’ve learned to face consequences head on.

“I particularly don’t think I roam around throwing insults but if I ever stand my ground and insult you, I really meant to insult you. And like I said, I Dey chest am 100%.”

Christian Goodness said:


“So much to learn here, I just wish my generation will learn…

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“People that will sit behind their phones and type rubbish …

“And I think this post should go viral too.”

Nneka Okala said:

“I always tell people that throw insults at others they could be insulting the “destiny helper” they prayed for just because they want to be “one up” on Facebook.

“Like they say in a far away land… “you play stupid games, you win stupid prizes.”

Nwebunu Nzube Emmanuel said:

“Some people don’t forget.

“I always tell people, pray I don’t sit in the table your matter is been discussed cus if you wronged me

“Otilo .

“In life, we ought to be careful.”

Amara Ruth Esomchi said:

“I wish they’ll hear.

“The world is so small.”

Ngozi Edith Okafor Osigwe said:

“I am usually careful making some cruise comments, sometimes I just pass.”

Lady sacked over her social media video

Meanwhile, Henzodaily.ng previously reported that a UK company had fired a Nigerian lady over a video she uploaded on social media.

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Akorede, who had just been hired, said she had not even started her first shift when the sack letter came.

In a previous video, the lady had bragged about working in the company and the social status that came with it. After Akorede had been sacked, the lady wondered who must have sent the company the video she made.

Source: Henzodaily.ng

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