“Gossipers And Long Mouth”: Nigerian Woman Prepares Perfect Birthday Gift For Gossiping Friend

"Gossipers And Long Mouth": Nigerian Woman Prepares Perfect Birthday Gift For Gossiping Friend

“Gossipers And Long Mouth”: Woman Prepares Perfect Gift For Gossiping Friend


A Nigerian woman is leaving no stone unturned as she has repaired a perfect gift for her friend whose birthday is approachingThe woman, however, said her friend was a gossip, and therefore, she got a carved artwork with a long mouthThe video of the artwork sparked many funny reactions from her followers who saw it on

Funny reactions trailed the video of a who said that her friend is a gossip.

She said her friend's birthday was approaching and she found a perfect gift to illustrate her gossiping nature.

In a TikTok post shared by @charmdy_choco, the lady said she showed the gift she got for her friend it immediately sparked many reactions.

The gift is a carved artwork of a human who has an extended mouth. The lady said gossips has long mouth like the artwork.

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She captioned the short clip:

“Gossipers and their long mouth. You found a perfect gift to get for a friend who gossips a lot because it is her birthday on Monday.”

Watch the video below:

Reactions as lady buys a gift for her friend

@JEniFA said:

“Don't let my see this.”

@Freyabackuppage_ said:

“I can't even tag anyone because I'm the gossip friend.”

@Kimora commented:

“Thanks for this recommendation. I'll buy it for a friend.”

@Special Jennifer commented:

“I don laugh enter gateman room.”

@Cassy said:

“Please, my friend, should not see this.”

@Lumiere- said:

“I get a person wey I suppose to give this kind gift, but I don block the person. Cho Cho Cho all day, every day.”

@MB said:

“I've found you a perfect gift.”

@Luxury remarked:

“It will haunt her in the night.”

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Man buys car for his wife

Meanwhile, Ver Ikese, a Nigerian artist who lives in the of America, purchased a car for his wife as Val's gift.

The car he bought surprised some people, but Ver said it was what his wife specifically requested years ago.

He said his wife, Aya Wase Ikese, has always wanted to own a Volkswagen, and now he has made her dream come true.

Source: Henzodaily.ng

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