Free Dollar: Man “Drops” Fake $100 Note on the Floor, Many Nigerians Try to Pick it

Free Dollar: Man "Drops" Fake $100 Note on the Floor, Many Nigerians Try to Pick it

Free : “Drops” Fake $100 Note on the Floor, Many Try to Pick it


A man who wanted to get people's reaction to seeing a free dollar on the floor tricked many with a fake $100 noteThe man stuck it on the floor of a mall to make it hard for whoever attempts to take the counterfeit noteThe prank video generated massive reactions online as many wondered while many stepped on the note before trying to take it

A man who makes prank videos has conducted a social experiment on people on the street to test their love for money.

The man placed a sticky and fake $100 bill on the floor as he stood afar to gauge people's reactions.

A man tried to stylishly pick dollars from the floor.
source: @softj_prank

Dollars got people's attention

A (@softj_prank) walked towards the dollar, looked around and stepped on it as a way to keep attention off the money.

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He was disappointed when he bent to pick up the money and realised it was fake. A group of three men also fell for the prank.

One of the people who saw the fake dollar was a lady in high heels. She slowed down when she saw the money and attempted to pick it, too.

Watch the video below: compiled some of the reactions below:

Qunley65 said:

“See different style in picking the dollar.”

Ashawofuo_Akoma said:

“I don't know who invented the idea that when u see money on the floor u have to first step on it.”

Efem said:

“See person future wife, she look east west south north before picking.”

Beauty Halex wondered:

“Why are they stepping on the the money b4 picking it?”

Cee said:

“The first was already planning on how to use the money.”

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_HenryDass said:

“Rough play.”

Ctzen 83 said:

“The reaction of that small boy after realising that there's a camera eeehh.”

People picked dollars

Meanwhile, earlier reported that another content creator on social media made a video showing how he covered his car with dollar bills.

He said he intended to give the money away to people. He was surprised that some people were yanking the money off the car without permission in a park.


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