Details of President Tinubu Meeting With Afenifere Leaders In Aso Rock Emerge- Newsone

Details of President Tinubu Meeting With Afenifere Leaders In Aso Rock Emerge- Newsone

Details of President Tinubu Meeting With Afenifere Leaders In Aso Rock Emerge- Newsone


Details of President Tinubu meeting with Afenifere Leaders in Aso Rock have emerged.

Newsone Nigeria reports that Nigeria’s President, Bola Ahmed Tinubu, has said his administration remains undeterred in its pursuit of comprehensive economic security for Nigeria.

This online news platform understands that the Nigerian leader also promised to address foundational challenges and create a fair and equitable system which all Nigerians can thrive.

President Tinubu made the promise when he received leaders of Afenifere, the respected Yoruba Socio-Cultural Organization, at the State House in Abuja, Nigeria’s capital on Wednesday, April 17, 2024.

The President said his administration is re-engineering Nigeria’s finances and seeking to boost the purchasing power of citizens and spread prosperity down the line, by instituting a credit system where the element of cash is not an impediment to a significantly enhanced standard of living for all citizens.

President Tinubu said Nigeria must secure itself economically first before it can achieve any of its more sophisticated objectives.

He said: ‘’We are committed to the economic survival of our country. To re-engineer the finances of our country, we must start in earnest. So first, retool, revamp the economic opportunities available, and resolve to continue taking the firm and steady baby steps that are necessary.

‘’Education is a strong weapon against poverty. To empower the people, we must invest in the future of our youths. We have seen the problems parents face in training their children in school; it is the reason why we established the National Student Loan Programme, which is taking off well.

‘’We are equally examining what to do with the high degree of unemployment. We must help vulnerable people by providing social security. We are looking at how to provide allowances for the unemployed, and we are developing ways to boost the purchasing power of citizens with the Consumer Credit Scheme. If we remove the cash upfront element to buy a car or a house, we will reduce the propensity for fraud and corruption across the land.”

President Tinubu while speaking on security, declared that those who threaten the sovereignty of Nigeria would pay a heavy price.

“I am irrevocably committed to the unity of Nigeria and constitutional democracy. Constitutional democracy has been reflected greatly here since we assumed office.

“What we face now is the challenge of terrorism. Security of life and property is very necessary for development. I can tell you we are achieving success. We have degraded terrorism to a level that they cannot threaten the sovereignty of Nigeria any longer.

‘“Banditry and kidnapping will be defeated. And there is no payment of ransom whatsoever. We are taking the battle to them. We are getting results more rapidly than before.

“We are working hard on intelligence gathering. Those who think they can threaten the sovereignty of Nigeria will have themselves to blame. They have a price to pay. And we are not going to relent,’’ he affirmed.

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