Captivating moment businesswoman surprises her riders with iPhone 13 Pro Max

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Captivating moment businesswoman surprises her riders with iPhone 13 Pro Max


Businesswoman warms hearts online as she shares a video showcasing the captivating moment when she surprised her bike riders with iPhone 13 Pro Max.

The businesswoman had played a prank on them before handing them the phone gifts, in the video that she shared via her account,small_market_online.

businesswoman riders iphoneRiders gifted new iPhone devices.

She pretended wanting to collect back the keys of her motocycles as well as the old phones that she had bought for them.

The riders thought she was joking and playfully refused giving them back to her, as they continued to plead with her.

At that point a small carton containing the phones were handed over to them and they couldn’t contain their excitement when they realized was inside.

Two iPhone devices were gifted to them buy the businesswoman, and the riders continued to express their gratitude to her for the gift.

The lady captioned the video …

“How I sacked both riders on the same day.”

@bridget reacted: “Auntie God will reward you in Jesus name, i thought you sak dem true true but lass lass nah prank.”

jungkook company said: “Area no go hear world today ooh.”

Queensurest said: “They are good to her also,na make she give them dat phone.”

Cesar reacted: “Una wey dey use 1. buy iphone una fit buy two bike dey make income every week ..but me no get bike i dey use 14p.”

Sehwee_Nuggets reacted: “You don’t have to do much to put smile on pple’s faces… the fair guy joy go far.” 

wire said: “Madam you try well well ooo.”

@udenze999 said: “If your workers call you mama instead of madam, you’re doing well.”

Jnr Sg said: “God bless you ma but at least them suppose get things wey them go dey sell if work no dey.”

Watch video below …


How I sacked both riders on the same day 😮‍💨🤧🤕 #deliveryservice #benincitydelivery

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