BREAKING NEWS: Tragedy now Nigeria’s companion – Obi mourns Nasarawa varsity students

Tragedy now Nigeria’s companion – Obi mourns Nasarawa varsity students

Tragedy now 's companion – Obi mourns Nasarawa varsity


A former presidential candidate, , has expressed sorrow over the death of three students of Nasarawa State University in Keffi, NSUK, during a stampede that occurred at a palliative distribution exercise.

Obi, in a statement posted on his social media page, described the tragic incident as another sad reminder of the daily challenges faced by .

He lamented the worsening level of hunger in the country, noting that such incidents should not be happening in a nation as blessed as Nigeria.

“Somehow, disheartening and tragic happenings have become our daily companions as a people. In yet another very sad development, I am disheartened by the reports of the death of some students from Nasarawa State University (NSUK) in a stampede while struggling for food palliative from the state .” Obi wrote.

“The very worsening level of hunger in our nation has continued to claim the lives of innocent citizens.

“This is, unfortunately, happening in a country that is richly blessed in human and natural resources, with vast arable lands for agriculture.

“Nigeria should have no with hunger and poverty if we the leaders were caring enough. It is unimaginable how we have sadly descended to a level where people now take unthinkable risks to survive

“Now again, our who were sent to study in a university, challenged by hunger, have lost their lives because of our national unproductivity.

Obi stated the need for urgent measures to address food in the country, urging the government to focus on moving from consumption to production to end the cycle of hunger and poverty.

He called for unity among Nigerians to tackle the challenges facing the nation, noting that hunger affects people regardless of tribe or religion.

“I do hope that these ugly incidents will nudge our government into taking urgent measures to end the current food insecurity, by moving the nation from consumption to production.

“Time has come for Nigerians to unite in purpose and solve the challenges facing us. Hunger, as I have maintained, knows no tribe or religion.”

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