BREAKING NEWS: State police: Makinde differs with NASS’ approach

State police: Makinde differs with NASS’ approach

State : Makinde differs with NASS' approach


Governor of Oyo State has said the National Assembly's approach on the issue of is taking nowhere.

Makinde stated this during an interview on Channels TV's Politics Today monitored by .

He said the issue had nothing to do with the National Security Adviser or National Economic Council, but required a bill that should be transmitted to the National Assembly.

“I did not submit any memorandum to state police because my position is very clear. This is not because of arrogance. But I don't think the approach will take anywhere. You are asking states to submit a memorandum on how state police will work. I see it as something that will waste our time.

“The National Assembly may have people that can quickly do this work. It is not the National Security Adviser or the National Economic Council that will deal with the issue of state police. It's a constitutional bill at the National Assembly. At the state level, we get assemblies to transmit this law.

“When we started in the South Western part of the country, it was compromised. We could not get state police. That is why there are security issues all over the place. And we said that if we could not get state police at that time let us have something similar. Then we got our Attorney Generals and started . We have more personnel than any other state in the South West,” he added.

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