BREAKING NEWS: Intervene in UK chapter crisis – APC Diaspora tells Tinubu

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Intervene in chapter crisis – Diaspora tells


The Committee of Diaspora Chairmen of the , CDC-APC, has called on President to wade into the brewing crisis over the conduct of election into the , UK, chapter of the group.

In a statement on Monday by Prof Adesegun Labinjo and Mr Bola Babarinde, the Chairman and General Secretary, respectively, the committee said the speedy intervention of the President is needed following alleged compromise in the conduct of elections into the UK Diaspora Chapter.

According to the statement, if the situation is not checked, it might lead to unintended and unfavorable outcomes for the Diaspora chapter and the .

“With the imminent catastrophe, the lasting solutions which we all yearn for may elude the chapter and other chapters in Diaspora,” it said.

The statement further said that the frosty between CDC-APC and APC headquarters should stop, adding that the Diaspora chapters were not in competition with the leadership of the party.

“We want to support and complement the party, and to leverage on the strength and spread of our supporters , which is to be marshalled for the benefit of our party and country back at home.

“The current divide and rule being championed and deployed by our party Secretariat should be checked by our able and diligent party Chairman.

“Some elements that are power drunk and arrogant do not care about the well-being of our party, but only concern about their own ego and using their offices to cause rancour amongst the Diaspora Chapters and between the chapters and the secretariat.”

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