BREAKING NEWS: EPL: Cesc Fabregas compares Wenger, Mourinho

EPL: Cesc Fabregas compares Wenger, Mourinho

: Cesc Fabregas compares Wenger, Mourinho


Former and midfielder Cesc Fabregas has spoken about the contrasting styles of his former managers, Arsene Wenger and .

Fabregas played for both Arsenal and Chelsea, but when asked about the differences between Wenger and Mourinho, he said that the Frenchman was less flexible, whereas the Portuguese was always willing to make changes during games.

While praising both managers for their coaching abilities and ability to develop young players, Fabregas shed light on the differences in their approaches to the game.

“That is very difficult to say but I think I gave you a great example about how Mourinho used to think [making lots of changes in games],” Fabregas told Planet Premier League.

“Arsene had his philosophy, he didn't change as much as Mourinho in terms of how he wanted to win, he had his ideas and his plan and he believed in the players he had to achieve what we were working [on] during the week.”

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