Alexx Ekubo ponders fragile nature of life, mourns Junior Pope

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Alexx Ekubo ponders fragile nature of life, mourns Junior Pope


Popular Nollywood actor, Alexx Ekubo mourns his late colleague, Junior Pope and other crew members who lost their lives in a boating accident.

The actor wondered what life meant on his Instagram page, considering that someone may be living one moment and dead the next.

Alexx Ekubo

He expressed his shock at the tragedy of the boat accident that happened some days ago while he was celebrating his brother’s birthday.

He talked about his difficulties ever since the catastrophe, saying he hasn’t been able to go to any events or carry out his daily duties because he can only fathom the excruciating suffering and bewilderment the families of all the deceased are going through.

Alexx prayed for the souls of the departed and and for heavenly courage to help the bereaved families deal with this priceless loss.

Alexx Ekubo mourns Junior Pope and other lives lost in the boating accident

His words: “What is the meaning of life? One minute we are here, the next minute we are not. The tragedy of the boat accident that happened days ago, still has me shocked to my bones. While I was celebrating my birthday, others were fighting for their lives. I haven’t been able to attend any event or function properly since then, as I can only imagine the unbearable pain & utter confusion the families of all those whose lives were lost are in.
It’s incomprehensible the amount of senseless & avoidable deaths we are faced with each day in this country.
More shocking & heartbreaking is the merry-go-round during a critical emergency, the sheer display of ignorance, nonchalance & high-level illiteracy. May we be surrounded by people with wisdom, & human sympathy in our helpless moment, & not those more interested in creating content out of our situation. Dear God, please accept the souls of Jnr Pope, Abigail Frederick, Precious Oforum, Joseph Anointing & any other, forgive them their sins & grant them eternal passage to heaven. Please oh Lord, give their families divine strength to bear this irreplaceable loss. If they’ve ever needed you, they need you now. To those who survived this mishap, or are affected by it directly or indirectly & are dealing with the trauma, please God comfort them on every side. To us all, let this be a reminder that life is fickle & but a fleeting mirage. May we tread carefully & go through life knowing that none of us knows which day will be our last. Yesterday it was #MohBad today is #JnrPope&Co tomorrow it can be anyone. Death is final, Life is fragile. What is the meaning of life? One minute we are here, the next minute we are not. 🕊️ 💔”


Alexx Ekubo ponders upon life, mourns Junior Pope

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